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Helping You Is What We Do.

At Havaplan Financial, we provide financial guidance customized to your needs on a fixed, hourly, or project basis with no conflicts of interest. Helping you achieve financial independence and peace of mind is our top priority.

Quick Start

A Quick Start session is ideal for individuals looking for an objective review of their financial picture or assistance with implementation.

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Need a refresher on financial planning basics? Don’t know where to start with retirement savings? We’ve got you covered!

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Financial Planning – Fixed Fee

Don’t need a long-term relationship? We offer comprehensive financial planning for a one-time fee.

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Financial Planning – Hourly Fee

Looking for guidance on short-term projects or quick answers to pressing financial questions? We can help!

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Investment Management

Take the guesswork out of investing. We help develop a long-term investment strategy based on your individual goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. No one-size-fits-all strategies here!

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