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Financial Planning Goes on Tour

Laurie Dubchansky Personal Finance

One of my very favorite things is to bring financial planning to the community. My neighborhood Financial Planning Association chapter, in Orange County, does a fabulous job bringing financial planning to our community. We organize an annual Financial Planning Day in the Fall each year. At that time, we serve nearly 200 individuals with “no strings” financial planning advice, answering questions and providing guidance to a population that really needs the assistance. That day feels great! We also work with several community based organizations to bring financial planning to the community. Even more are on the horizon!

There are other opportunities that feel good too. The Financial Planning Association in San Diego invited some planners to speak to military service people at Camp Pendleton. My nephew Wes is a captain there! In just over two hours, I met with three military members at their Financial Readiness Day. One wanted validation that he is on track, another discussed debt and other financial priorities and a third came to me with his wife and daughter. The four of us discussed income, retirement savings and her new business’ tax filing requirements. At the end of the pro-bono sessions, a military official asked us to gather for closing remarks. He spoke to us about the typical issues in a military service person’s life: interpersonal and financial. He knows how hard it is to impact the interpersonal issues, but he feels he can have an impact on the financial issues by bringing in Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners to provide a valuable service. He recognizes that financial health often impacts interpersonal relationships. With what our military provides to us, how could I say no to this amazing opportunity? This was another day of feeling great! Check out this nice letter:

Marine Corps Thank You Letter

Through my involvement with United Way, I met a Community Based Organization providing the basics of financial planning. Sparkpoint, located in Westminster, helps the local low-income population with debt management, credit repair and savings. I spent some time with their staff, I noticed they track clients’ spending manually. Later this month, I will have the opportunity to teach their staff all about expense trackers. Maybe they will like using expense trackers, and their staff can interpret reports instead. Another day of feeling good is coming up!

These experiences make me feel good, but they also educate me on the issues in our community. Some of these issues come up in my meetings with clients. Over-spending, student loan debt and over use of credit cards occur at all income levels. Guiding clients to think about goals, retirement and those important estate documents is universal. Every experience on the road brings me back to the office feeling even better about what I do.